SUPERVISOR from Metalogic

Supervisor is an automated operations product which has its own Operations Programming Language (OPAL), designed specifically for Unisys A Series MCP operations environments, which encompasses rules-based, lights-out and self-healing automated operations capabilities.

About Supervisor

  • Automates user defined operations tasks.
  • Lights-out and self-healing automated operations capabilities.
  • Provides resource control.
  • Event logging security monitoring.
  • Handles exception conditions.
  • Provides tape control.

In the Unisys environment, Supervisor is the only automated operations product that provides expert system technology to anticipate and circumvent system problems. As the front line of system support, operations departments are typically fast paced, overworked and crisis driven.

Unfortunately, too much time is spent performing repetitive tasks. By allowing Supervisor to handle predictable tasks and exception conditions, operators can concentrate on resolving end-users’ problems and critical machine-related problems.

To see more of Supervisor and how it can help you, please contact us. You can also get the datasheet from the downloads page.

Supervisor is owned by Metalogic S.à r.l., Luxembourg.

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