If you are running the CAP telephony application on your Unisys ClearPath platform, then GPM for CAP gives you all the information you need to monitor, alarm on and report your system.

GPM for CAP is based on the GPM Performance Tool, which has:

  • System Module – allowing you to effectively monitor CPU, Memory, I/O, Disk Space utilisation, and other ‘hardware’ related items.
  • Workload Module – allowing you to group CAP tasks together to form meaningful workloads on the system e.g. UVMS, GNS, VCH, Voice.
  • Database Module – allowing you to monitor the performance of, and identify bottlenecks in, any of the CAP databases e.g. UVMSDB, GNSDB.
  • BNAV2 module – allowing you to identify any bottlenecks or errors in the BNA network interconnecting your platforms.
  • HOSTALARM module – allows you to feed GPM alarms via a TCPIP/IP link to a third party Alarm Management system e.g. Netcool, TeMIP, NMS5000.

There are also additional specialist probes that give you access to the detailed data that you need to monitor, alarm and report on your CAP system.

NAP Module

Easy access to all the available information in the Unisys NAP Statistics Library

  • Response statistics
  • Application statistics
  • Voice File statistics
  • Resource Group information
  • User Agent Statistics
  • NIU statistics
  • TSP statistics
  • CAS Signalling information
  • Linkset Status information
  • SMDI information
  • Error Counter statistics
  • CMM statistics

GNS Module

Access to statistics and error counts from the Unisys GNS Statistics Library, allowing you to effectively monitor, alarm and report on the GNS Application.

BICSS Module

Reads the BICSS Events records from the Activity file in near real time to give you a configurable and usable way to monitor, alarm and report on the huge volume of information in the BICSS log from all the Unisys  CAP Applications.


BICSSANALYZER allows detailed analysis of BICSS records by mailbox. It produces CSV file output suitable for importing into Excel or databases.

Is your ClearPath CAP system performing as well as you would wish? Do you have concerns about what impact new telephony products and services will have on your CAP system?  If so, then find out more about our CAP Services.

If you are a CAP user, then you need GPM – the industry standard for monitoring, alarming and reporting on CAP.

To see more of GPM for CAP and how it can help you, please contact us. You can get the datasheet from the downloads page.

EMS users

You probably already know that you have a limited version of GPM as part of the Unisys EMS product. Contact Affinité Europe today to find out what extra benefits full GPM could give you.

GPM is owned by Affinité Corporation in the USA – Affinité Europe is the exclusive European distributor of their products.

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