ArtēMon – A Powerful System Performance Monitor for Linux Servers, Windows Servers and Network Devices

ArteMon is a fully featured, affordable system performance monitor for Linux servers, Windows servers and network devices. Written in Java, it can run on any platform that supports Java. ArteMon is a scalable, enterprise class product that supports redundant configurations. With ArteMon you can:

  • Collect system performance data from a variety of data sources with no agents required – more
  • Provide comprehensive alarm management and correlation – more
  • Control from an easy to use GUI interface – more
  • Easily extend ArteMon thanks to it’s open plug-in architecture – more
  • Provide a real time dashboard – more
  • Optionally store collected data for automated reporting and publishing – more

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Data Collection

With ArteMon’s agent-less implementation, no software needs to be installed on the monitored nodes. This simplifies deployment and administration and also reduces resource requirements and costs. ArteMon provides a number of standard Data Provider plug-ins – these include:

SNMP Provider – collects data from any SNMP enabled device, as well as associated notifications with SNMP traps. A MIB2 data manager is included which gives you access to any MIB2 data as well as generic traps. In addition, you can create new data managers for enterprise specific data.

Linux Provider – allows you to sample key performance information provided by the Linux operating system. It also allows you to configure workloads which are sets of Linux processes.

Windows Provider – monitors any available object in the Windows Performance registry. This registry contains all the standard Windows objects, and any application can create and write it’s own custom objects.

JMX Provider – allows you to create data sources for monitoring MBeans. It works in a similar way to the SNMP Provider described above.

MySQL Provider – monitors the performance of MySQL Database Server.

Other more specialised Providers include the EMC Provider (for EMC storage systems), DCL Provider (for the MailNGen telephony applications), StreamWide HTML Provider (for the StreamWide telephony applications), SIP Data Manager for the SNMP Provider (for the SIP protocol) and Text File Provider (for Log Files). Please contact us for more information on these Providers.

We specialise in Providers designed to monitor the Unisys NextGen telephony system.

Comprehensive Alarm Management and Correlation

Alarm notifications can be sent to a range of Network Management tools and are typically defined to SNMP v2 notifications. They can be based on any values collected by the Data Providers.

ArteMon provides a variety of rule types for alarm notifications. These rules can be as simple as the ability to alarm on a numeric threshold, but they also include the ability to alarm on smoothed data values or to alarm on Boolean expressions using multiple values. A quality control rule looks at data values outside a range based on the mean and the standard deviation of the variable. Rules can optionally be modified using JavaScript, giving the user great flexibility.

Alarm correlation is designed to reduce the number of alarms generated and to avoid false-positive alarms.

Alarm notifications can optionally be stored in a database. These can then be used for query & reporting.

Raw data can optionally be aggregated for historical data and trending, and old records can also be optionally removed.

Easy-to-Use Configuration Console

ArteMon is controlled from an easy-to-use graphical user interface. This central console allows you to configure the monitoring environment and control the monitoring process. While monitoring, you can see the notifications being generated by the system.


Plug-In Architecture

ArteMon supports three types of plug-ins:

  • Provider plug-ins are responsible for actually obtaining the data and events that ArteMon monitors. See Data Collection for more details.
  • Publisher plug-ins send monitored data to client systems for real time display. The standard ArteMon PC publisher shows ArteMon data in real time charts. See Real Time Dashboard.
  • Notification Action plug-ins provide actions that are taken when a notification is generated. The current standard Notification Handler plug-ins are Write to Log File, Write to Database, Send SNMP Notification and Send to NetCool.

Real Time Dashboard

The ArteMon PC Publisher sends ArteMon data samples to the ArteMon Dashboard which can display this data in a graphical format. The ArteMon Dashboard displays are user configurable and offer a wide choice of graph types, colours and other choices. Data can be replayed to analyse a situation after the fact and optionally the data can be stored on the PC.

Database of Historical Data

Data collected by ArteMon can optionally be stored in a database (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server or Derby) for further analysis. The Database Maintenance Tool is provided to aggregate the raw data into a separate database using a user defined interval such as from 30 second samples to 15 minute. This provides a repository of information invaluable for both problem solving and performance & capacity reporting. The Database Maintenance Tool is also used to purge old data.

ArteMon Architecture

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You can also download the datasheet from the downloads page.

ArteMon is owned by Affinité Corporation in the USA – Affinité Europe is the exclusive European and African distributor of their products.

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