DB-Wise –  Key Features

  • Testing tool for DMSII databases on Unisys MCP ClearPath systems
  • Ideal for major projects as it is accurate and reliable
  • Uses audit trails, so no need to hold databases open for comparison
  • Provides intelligent filtering and comparison
  • Reporting facilities

How DB-Wise Works

As the database audit trail contains all the changes that have occurred to a database, DB-Wise has access to all the changes without having to read through and compare all the unchanged data.

You can run the same test script both before and after system changes and keep the audit trails from both runs. DB-Wise then performs a comparison of the two audit trails. This means that it is only checking records that have changed rather than wasting time and resources checking static data.

It also means that it is not holding the databases open whilst the comparison takes place, leaving them available for others to use. And, of course, you don’t need all that additional disk space for two copies of the database to be available concurrently.

Intelligent Filtering and Comparison

With DB-Wise, site or system specific business rules can easily be applied in the selection of the comparisons that are made. For example, you can mask out those fields that you know will not compare exactly and compare everything else.

Also, as DB-Wise compares the actual value of a field, then comparison of a field where the data definition has changed is easy.

Reporting Facilities

Each time a comparison run is done DB-Wise will report any exceptions and provide a statistical summary of all activity.

Automated Process

The automated approach taken by DB-Wise will ensure greater accuracy and speed than can be achieved manually, leaving those staff free to do less tedious tasks.

To obtain a copy of the DB-Wise data sheet, please go to the downloads page.

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