CopyWrite by Metalogic

CopyWrite provides an easy way to create CD-ROMs and multi-file archives on Unisys A Series machines. It is based on the MCP WFL COPY statement and a Metalogic enhancement, which exports the I/O handing of library maintenance.

CopyWriteNT is a Windows program, available for use on Windows systems, and supports the Disk Farm implementation. It also provides PC access to Unisys A Series CD-Rom images (see the full data sheets for full functionality).

Summary of Features

  • Creation of Hybrid Library/Maintenance CDs. The same CD may contain files on both the Unisys A Series MCP Library/Maintenance and Windows JOLIET file systems.
  • The ability to copy files into and out of Library/Maintenance CD Images. The CD Image is a file which acts as a container of native A Series files.
  • A WFL Copy to NULL verifies the files on source media such as DISK, TAPE or CD, by copying the files from the media, but discarding the data without creating a file.
  • Files copied from a Library/Maintenance source, may be searched or transformed into another format by writing a transformation library and label equating it to the Copy statement.
  • Native File Transfer and Remote Host Services using TCP/IP.
  • Self Extracting Archives, which package A Series files and associated instructions, such as ODT commands, into an A Series executable codefile. When the codefile is run, the files are extracted from the archive, and the instructions are applied.
  • The Distributed Disk Farm, where a Windows system provides disk storage for storing and retrieving native A Series files.
  • CopyWriteNT provides access to A Series files on a CD-Rom unit, or within a CD Image File, or in a Disk Farm.

To see more of CopyWrite and how it can help you, please Contact Us. You can also get the datasheet from the downloads page.

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