Unisys, Worldwide

Unisys is a worldwide information technology services and solutions company. Affinité Europe are authorised Unisys partners.

Affinité Corporation, USA

The authors of ArteMon, GPM and VB/Connect. They are a software and services provider in the A Series ClearPath NX, Linux & Windows arenas. The products specialise in Performance Measurement, Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning. The company was founded by Jim Cogan and Bob Finkle, both renowned Unisys ClearPath experts, with a particular focus on the Unisys CAP & NextGen applications.

Metalogic S.à r.l., Luxembourg

Founded in Luxembourg in 1978, Metalogic started out as computer consultants. Since the release of the automated operations product, SUPERVISOR, Metalogic has become largely a software producer for the Unisys A-Series machines. Metalogic is operated from two main offices, in Rollingen, Luxembourg and in Stirling, Scotland. Its clients are worldwide.

Specialised Software Solutions