CP/Analyzer – Key Features

  • Maintains, tracks and reports on years of historical trends and performance data for Unisys MCP systems.
  • Provides clear, concise automatic reports using our standard Excel macros
  • Can create custom reports and graphs
  • Can automatically construct queuing models

Efficient Data Collection

CP/Sampler, the data collection module, obtains all the data you need to optimise the performance of your system and ensures that you have adequate hardware resources for the future. It also collects COMS data on transaction volumes and response times, and its probe collector can obtain detailed information on the use of I/O resources by each program in the system.

CP/Sampler also collects information from the MCP system sumlog. Unlike other systems, the log information is collected in real-time, so there is no need to do batch processing on log files.

Simplified Reporting

CP/Analyzer produces clear, concise automatic reports on system performance – daily, weekly, monthly – whatever you specify. Use our standard Excel report macros or create your own custom reports and graphs.

The historical database provides the data for graphing the trends in system loading, hardware utilisation, and response times. It permits the IT organisation to communicate more effectively with upper management and end users, so they may better understand the relationship between business activity and computer usage.

Automated Construction of Queuing Models

CP/Analyzer automates the task of building queuing models, which have become a standard tool for predicting the performance of your system. With CP/Analyzer, a useful model of the system can be created in minutes. Queuing models allow you to determine the performance of various hardware configurations in handling their current and forecasted loads.

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CP/Analyzer is owned by Affinité Corporation in the USA – Affinité Europe is the exclusive European distributor of their products.

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