Unisys Clearpath

Unisys ClearPath System Management Tools

Unisys System Performance & Capacity

GPM Performance Monitoring Tool. PC Real-Time & Replay Displays, Management Reporting. Multiple Host monitoring. Sophisticated Alarms.
GPM for Windows System, application & database performance information for Windows systems.
CP/Analyzer Capacity Planning and Model Building.
ClearPath Services Performance review, capacity review and security review.

Unisys Systems Management & Operations

Supervisor Automated Operations Environment.
JamPack Disk Optimisation, eliminates throughput problems associated with Sectors Required.
Flex File management tool designed to control disk space usage.
DBControl Dynamic Memory Management software.
CopyWrite Provides an easy way to create CD-ROMs and multi-file archives.

Unisys System Testing

DB/Wise Testing tool for DMSII.

Are you a Unisys CAP user?

If so, then please see our additional specialist probes for CAP systems.


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