VB/Connect – Key Features

  • A VBX and OCX control for programmable host access to Unisys A Series & ClearPath MCP systems
  • Connectivity and terminal emulation services
  • Works with Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi and Visual C++ and others
  • Ideal for client/server development
  • Runs over Telnet via Winsock, Core Technology transports or InfoConnect transports

Programmable Host Access Made Easy

VB/Connect is a VBX and OCX control that provides Unisys terminal connectivity and emulation services to programming environments that support these controls. It can be used as a simple method for sending and receiving messages between a PC and the host system or to provide full terminal emulation capabilities. Show the control on a form and your users will interact with an MT terminal emulator. Or hide the control, and provide a full graphical user interface.

The Development Environment

VB/Connect works with some of the most powerful development systems on the market. Whether you use PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, Delphi, or Visual C++, VB/Connect allows you to quickly develop applications that have full access to your existing Unisys A or V Series systems. VB/Connect accesses the host directly over TCP/IP using its own WINSOCK compliant transport, or via INFOConnect transports or any of the Core Technologies CTCBridge transports

Client/Server Development

You can use VB/Connect to easily send and receive messages to a Unisys host application. A small set of “Properties” and “Events” provides all the functionality that you need. To send a message to the host, merely set the Text property to the message you want to send. Then set the Action property to SEND, and it’s done! Messages received by the control cause ReceiveMsg event. Merely add code to handle this event and you have your solution.

Easy To Use

VB/Connect uses a small, but powerful number of properties and events rather than complex APIs, such as HLAPPI. VB/Connect‘s extensive examples, help files and on-line manual provide you with step-by-step guidance.

To see more of VB/Connect and how it can help you, please contact us. You can also get the datasheet from the downloads page.

VB/Connect is owned by Affinité Corporation in the USA – Affinité Europe is the exclusive European distributor of their products.

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