GPM – Key Features

  • Powerful real-time performance monitor for Unisys A Series & ClearPath MCP systems
  • Wide range of host data collection modules, that have a low resource utilisation
  • Attractive PC Windows graphical displays makes GPM easy to use
  • PCs can be used in either real-time or replay mode
  • Sophisticated alarm mechanism to help avoid bottlenecks and operational problems
  • Management reporting – both automatic and ad hoc
  • Multi-host capability
  • Used by Technical Support and Operations staff

Host Data Collection Modules

These modules run on the host, taking samples at user defined intervals – usually every 30 seconds or every minute. This data is stored on the host or PC for later review or analysis. Each module can be switched on and off individually and the sample intervals can vary between modules. There is a multi-host facility to allow several hosts to be monitored from a single PC.

The data collection modules include:

  • System – for overall utilisation of system resources, including processor, memory and I/O
  • COMS – for transaction activity and response times for COMS processing programs
  • Workload – for system resources broken down by user defined workloads
  • DMSII – for detailed monitoring of database activity, ideal for database tuning
  • LINC – Analysis of EAE systems for monitoring of performance at subsystem and ISPEC levels
  • BNAv2 Analysis for monitoring and optimising a BNAv2 network
  • RemStats – for measuring network times
  • User Written Modules – for creating customised modules
  • CAP customers should see our separate GPM for CAP page.

PC Display

The information collected by the host modules can be displayed on one or more PCs in an attractive Windows graphical display. The types of graph, colours etc. can all be user configured. The PC can be used in either real-time or replay modes. Warning and Alarm thresholds can be defined and when reached can trigger one or more types of alert – including visual, audible or electronic.


System & Workload screen shots – please click for a larger image.

Management Reporting

GPM/Query provides you with automated performance reports with the click of a button. It comes with hundreds of pre-defined graphs and tables. You can specify which ones you require on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly) and they will be produced automatically.

GPM/Aggregator provides a means of summarising the data collected by GPM into longer term history files. It does this by averaging each sample in the specified period. This process is normally set up to run automatically by WFL so as to provide suitable input to GPM/Query, or for extraction into CSV files.

To see more of GPM and how it can help you, please contact us.
You can also download the datasheet from the downloads page.

GPM is owned by Affinité Corporation in the USA – Affinité Europe is the exclusive European distributor of their products.

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