FLEX by Metalogic

Flex is a file management tool designed to control disk space usage, automate file backup and recovery procedures, provide “virtual disk” capabilities and provide enhanced file maintenance commands on Unisys A Series MCP systems. FLEX has the ability to apply OPAL (rules based methodology) to disk/file management and operations.

  • Designed to control disk space
  • Provide virtual disk capability
  • File backup and recovery
  • Manage pack families

Where other pack managers attempt to circumvent the Unisys MCP, Metalogic have integrated FLEX with the MCP. Wherever possible, FLEX takes advantage of standard MCP features, files, utilities, and requires no patches to the MCP. The result is a seamless environment where the Unisys MCP and the pack manager act as a single entity in managing files and pack families. Most important, FLEX is an Expert System.

The Total Solution

The FLEX Family is based on two increasingly powerful products, FLEX Inquiry and Full FLEX. Each higher level of FLEX includes all of the features of lower-level products. The FLEX Family provides an integrated, total solution for file, pack, and family management.

To see more of FLEX and how it can help you, please contact us. You can also get the datasheet from the downloads page.

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