ClearPath Services

Performance Review

Provides an analysis of your system’s activity for a selected period to determine how your Unisys MCP system is performing and what the bottlenecks are. We will produce a detailed report showing:

  • Processor, Memory and Disk utilisation
  • Transaction Volumes and Response Times
  • System usage broken down by business area
  • Identification of possible system bottlenecks
  • Recommendations for tuning
  • An assessment of the limits of your system’s capacity

Capacity Planning

Our capacity/performance service is tailored to meet your particular requirements for planning. We can:

  • Monitor all aspects of your Unisys MCP system.
  • Help you define your own Site Performance Criteria.
  • Build an analytical model of your Data Processing Environment.
  • Forecast the results of changes in Business Activity on your systems.
  • Determine the effective life of your current configuration.
  • Help you to identify the most cost effective way forward.
  • Assist you with your Strategic Planning.

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