Impact Analysis & Investigation Tool for Unisys EAE

  • A powerful investigation & re-engineering tool for Unisys Enterprise Application Environment EAE (LINC/LDAIII) developers
  • PC Windows based, developed in LDAIII, with GUI displays
  • Can work with EAE systems from any platform
  • Provides comprehensive cross-referencing and drill down
  • Offers fast queries such as Where Used and Where Updated
  • Diagrams available to illustrate the logic of complex screens & reports
  • Modular in design – includes optional EMU module
  • Improves productivity of development and maintenance of EAE and LDA systems
  • Available for all current versions of EAE

Acclaim Overview

Unisys e-Action Enterprise Application Environment EAE from Unisys is a 4GL used widely  in the Unisys world in A Series, 2200, ClearPath, UNIX and Windows environments. As your EAE system gets larger, management of the system becomes more and more difficult. Acclaim is the answer. It presents your EAE specification to you on your PC clearly and simply using the power of Windows and LDAIII (Enterprise Application Developer).


Acclaim can help you to quickly learn about the structure of all or part of a EAE system.

  • You can browse through the screens, reports, global logic etc. to get an overview.
  • For any screen, you can see in a few seconds what other screens or global logic it calls and what files are accessed. You can also get an image of the screen displayed.
  • For any report, you can see the various report frames and get a diagram of how they are called and used. You can see how many lines of logic there are per frame and in total, and how many SDs. You can also get a painted image of the report.
  • For any piece of logic, you can see the main process loops and the nesting displayed diagrammatically.

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  • Database Query Module, provides users with fully integrated access to run-time databases, simplifying and speeding up testing.


For any element of the system, such as Global SDs or SameAs, you can make enquiries about Where Used or Where Updated and get answers back in just seconds. During an enquiry you can drill down several levels to get to the detail that you need.

Text Searches

You can use this feature of Acclaim to search for specific strings of text. The text can be anywhere in the system including comments, screen text and item descriptions. You can do a search on up to three text literals at once. And the results come back in a matter of seconds NOT hours.

General Housekeeping

Acclaim can help enormously with the tedious task of ensuring that your system is consistent and well documented. It can provide a report, for example, to show what is involved in enforcing your Data Dictionary. You can also build a list of items of a similar type or category and then perform functions such as queries for the list.

Partial Load Facility

With Acclaim’s new partial load facility, load times are dramatically reduced. Acclaim now only needs to load any changes.

This makes Acclaim not only the most accurate and detailed investigation tool, but also one of the quickest to view system changes.

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Acclaim in an Enterprise development environment.

Multi User

Acclaim Multi-user facility, enables it to be installed onto a server allowing access from work stations as required, freeing up valuable resources locally. Especially useful in large development teams.

How to see Acclaim

Why not see your own EAE system demonstrated in Acclaim? Affinité will load your case extract into Acclaim prior to presentation, and demonstrate your own work!

This is the best way to see Acclaim, allowing you to compare Acclaim query performance against traditional methods.

To see an Acclaim demo, then please contact us.

Acclaim is owned by BoastData Limited and marketed by Affinité Europe.

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