Unisys Marketplace Solutions

UNISYS Enterprise Server Marketplace

We offer a variety of solutions tailored to the Unisys Enterprise Server Marketplace.


All the powerful benefits of GPM, but with additional specialist probes to give you access to the detailed data that you need to monitor, alarm and report on your Unisys CAP telephony system.

To monitor system performance for Unisys’ next generation voice messaging solution NextGen we recommend using ArteMon. ArteMon is a powerful, affordable system performance monitor for Linux servers, Windows servers and network devices. Please follow this link for more details of ArteMon.

Unisys ClearPath System Management Tools & Services

A wide variety of tools & services encompassing performance, capacity, security, operations management and testing tailored exactly for Unisys ClearPath MCP systems.


An investigation and re-engineering tool especially for Unisys EAE developers.


Unisys A Series MCP Connectivity for PC Applications.

Specialised Software Solutions